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NEW! 2023 NAUTEC Explorer Manifolds

After two years of development work, we now present our EXPLORER Manifolds.

It includes a left and a right valve, each with 2 shut-off devices. The vertically arranged shut-off device is in charge for shutting off the flexible stainless steel hose in between both valves.

Two elbow-pieces, one of them with a device for pressure relief and a corrugated stainless steel hose of 54 cm length connecting both elbows.

EP DarkLine re 02
EP ProLine re li 06
EP DarkLine li 02
EP DarkLine re 03
EP DarkLine re 04
EP DarkLine li 04
EP DarkLine li 03

Explorer Manifolds // PRO Line 232 bar

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EP ProLine 01

Explorer Manifolds // DARK Line 232 bar

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EP DarkLine 01