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SLT Valve / Air 300 / ProLine

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SLT Valve / Air 300 / ProLine

A special construction for extreme dives for mono scuba equipment with tank neck threaded connectors according to DIN EN 144-1 (M25x2). It consists of a distributor and two extra valves with 300 bar regulator connections in accordance with EN 144-2 (G 5/8”). Both can be turned 360 degrees and are capable of being shut off separately. The seal of the central distributor is radial with two O-rings. The distance between the two regulator connections is 175.5 mm.

Produced only by customer order – not stocked.

Delivered with this item are two “Full-Metal-Core-Rubber Knobs”, 1 Nautec Microfilter and 2 blind screws for the valve outlets.

The valve is 100 % oxygen-compatible (in unused conditions) and LEAD-FREE.

Attention! Do not attempt to repair NAUTEC-valves yourself. Unauthorized repair or tampering is hazardous and WILL VOID your warranty and NAUTEC liability. Maintenance and repairs by NAUTEC trained experts only!

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