The NAUTEC Story:

It was in 1998, when CEO Gerald Lemke took over the distribution of NAUTEC.

Having excellent contacts to the diving communities around the globe, he was soon realizing that professional divers had an intense need for hi-end diving products. However, the situation was difficult: not a single valve nor a fitting was on the market, that fulfilled the demand for top-quality, security and reliability under heavy load. But a lack of quality is a risk in itself : divers risk their lifes, in case an unprecedented failure of any single part of their equipment occurs.


And this had to be changed.

So the idea was born:
lets make a valve
– that by far exceeds all existing standards of manufacturing diving equipment.
– that not only sets new standards, but itself IS the new “industry gold standard” for diving valves.
– a valve that is MADE IN GERMANY – representing the long history and achievements in german precision and mechanical engineering.
– the manufacturing depth under complete control of NAUTEC, resulting in independence of unreliable supply chains.
– a valve, that is the personal companion for the diver – securing his life, working under extreme conditions, being easily manageable in all situations.


Our approach:
talking to the diving community. Doing a lot of research. Testing new materials and compounds. Producing new mechanical parts using the latest top of the notch CAD driven engineering technology on the market. Discarding our drafts. Testing and discarding our drafts again. Talking to the community again. Getting new feedback. Improving details, materials, fittings and the finish of the products.

We can tell you – it was a long way, and it was not easy.
But finally, here are our results – and we hope, you do like what you see 😉


Our new product line, with its prototypical design being inspected and qualified by the German Federal Institute for Material Testing in Berlin (Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung) – the tests involved durability and oxygen compatibility. These tests paved the way to offer our products to manufacturers of mixed gas diving equipment. We are proud to present a completely lead-free product line with its environmentally friendly brass alloy, a distinctive design, legendary reliability, unsurpassed durability and unmatched sustainability.

Nowadays, NAUTEC fittings are offered by virtually every well known equipment manufacturer such as JJ-CCR, Dive-Soft, rEVO, M3S, Poseidon, Submatix, Dräger Holland and Tatum. NAUTEC also supplies its fitting to government agencies such as the Swiss police and for military use to the US, Canadian and Norwegian Navies and AVON Protection for their MCM 100 rebreather.


Even the worldwide operating salvage company Boskalis, the fabled Dutch salvage company, decided some years ago to source their custom products from NAUTEC.

So that is our story.
We are dedicated to perfection in every single detail.
We make the valves, that you can count on.

Gerald Lemke, CEO NAUTEC