MICRO-MAXX-Filter body

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MICRO-MAXX-Filter ® for valves ¾“NPSM and M25x2

Cold water diving can cause “internal icing” in breathing air. The effect intensifies with minor increases of the percentage of water vapour in the breathing mixture. The first system point to be affected is the water protection or dip tube. This is the first point of “air relaxation”. With the right conditions, steel cylinders will rust and aluminum cylinders will oxidize. Micro particles can lead to air contamination and affect the diver physiologically and compromise equipment integrity. The Nautec filter element is made from a hydrophobic PE plastic, the material is a poor conductor of heat and physiologically harmless. Further, it is temperature resistant, impact resistant and chemically neutral. By filtering out the smallest particles in the range of 3 to 5 thousandths of a millimetre (3-5 μ) and being impermeable to water, your personal safety against icing is ensured. The MicroMaxx Filter is intended to replace the conventional plastic or brass water protection or dip tube. It has been designed to fit all Nautec valves. There is also a model with an M 6 x 0.75 metric connection thread for valves made in Italy (Halcyon/Scubapro, Thermo, etc.).

What are the advantages of the Nautec-MicroMaxx-Filter?

• Installation of the filter on almost all cylinder valves without additional, expensive adapters required!

• 25% improved filter performance with a new surface geometry!

• A special screw connection, developed by Nautec, gives high strength to withstand pressure surges, even when filling from storage tanks.

• Cost saving! Easy replaceable filter element. Simply unscrew the old filter element and screw on a new one.

NAUTEC recommends inspection of the filter element annually, at every visual inspection. Heavy use or questionable air sources will merit more frequent inspections. The filter must be replaced every five years at the time of hydrostatic testing.

A cylinder valve, with an installed MicroMaxx filter system, should be physically marked to avoid damage at the time the valve is removed.

The filter element must be replaced immediately:

• when contaminated with compressor oil (visual inspection or olfactory test)
• when the zinc white colour has changed in any way (a brownish color would indicate rust from steel cylinders).
• when mechanical damages occur, such as when removing the valve without due care.

One filter body included in delivery.


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