NAUTEC proudly presents our Ambassador from Italy | Sicily:

Monica Restivo


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My name is Monica Restivo and I live in a magical place, Sicily. My visceral love for the sea was born from this beautiful island and it all starts from here…

My diving adventure began in 1992 but the hunger for knowledge pushed me further, so in 2002 I decided that this passion for diving had to be transmitted, disclosed, so I became an instructor.

I love adventures and the sense of freedom, I firmly believe that diving gives you these strong emotions. I love photography, because it gives me strong emotions to seize the moment, the moment full of vibrations. With these vibrations that I experienced at home in Sicily and working in Egypt, encouraged me to open my diving center, Blue Aura, in Santa Flavia near Palermo, a magical place, built around an ancient castle, where centuries ago hunted large tuna. It is right here that I live my dreams and love for the sea.

RAID Master Instructor, tec instructor and finally my great passion, Sidemount. My recent adventure brought me to complete a cave course in Sardinia, where the value of equipment working correctly at all times is imperative. For this reason I choose Nautec Valves to safeguard the gas source at my side.